>Get Specific With Object Writing

>Object writing is a fun and simple way just to practice or to warm up before a writing session. This is how you do it:

Pick an object. Something around your house, outside, in your office, anything. Write it down. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes and start writing. No editing and try not to stop for too long at a time.

Like freewriting, the point is to loosen things up in there and get the creative juices flowing. When I do object writing, I work at producing concrete images and zoom in on the finer details of my subject. Doing this on a regular basis will help you be more concrete in all your writing and teach you to pay attention to details.

Get Writing!
Do one object writing a day during the next week for fun or to warm up. Here are five to get you started: fortune cookie, locket, paper shredder, sunglasses, kitchen cabinets. Your goal: Describe the object using concrete imagery. Flex those muscles and dig for specifics!


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