>Read Dangerously


Do you crave adventure and excitement? I think most of us do from time to time. And while we may not get much of either in real life, books can give us an abundance of both. A few years ago, my sister insisted I would love these adventure/romance books written by Madeleine Brent. Though I wasn’t convinced I’d like them, I figured I’d give one a shot. I borrowed The Long Masquerade, and after reading a page or two I was hooked. I blasted through that novel and sought more of these out-of-print gems.

Taking place around the turn of the 20th century, pretty much every novel starts (or ends) in an exotic location (exotic to some of us at least). For example, The Long Masqerade begins in Jamaica, and Moonraker’s Bride starts in China. Each heroine has a mystery to figure out either about her own past or that of the people she’s entangled with. And every single heroine faces misfortune and danger before the end. The characters are complex, the situations seemingly impossible, and the excitement unending.

My favorite Brent books are Moonraker’s Bride, Tregaron’s Daughter, and The Long Masquerade. I’ve added a short review of each on my Goodreads page for your perusal. You may need to search to find them since they’re out of print, but they are well worth the effort. If you like stories that keep you on edge, I highly suggest Madeleine Brent’s novels.

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