>Tips to Get Ideas When You’re Out

>Do you ever feel you’ll never have another good idea? Sometimes this happens to me between projects. You’re over, you’re done – now what? You brainstorm, you search through pages of older ideas, maybe even return to abandoned projects. But sometimes trying to find ideas only makes it worse. So what is the key to unleashing new concepts? Sometimes a little distraction is all you need.

One thing I find that can help is exercise. Moving physically can unlock creativity as well as keep you healthy. Walking, running, dancing, swimming, and biking can all help you loosen up and discover possibilities for new ideas.

Going to an art museum, cultural event, or performance can fill your creative tank and recharge your writer. I prefer art museums and historical homes or places. Go with what you like and see what unfolds.

Try turning to other interests or hobbies. I love to bake and find spending time doing so regularly keeps me fresh with my writing. Other activities that challenge you or relax you can help free your mind to find new ideas.

If you’re in an idea rut, give one of these thoughts a try and see what new ideas you come up with. What else can help when you’re running low on ideas?


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