>Stalker Love Letter Blogfest!

>So my Stalker Love Letter contribution is a debut for a couple of characters from a book in the research and development stage. Somehow, the leading man seemed like he could stalk my heroine if so inclined. It’s a medieval mystery with a lot of creepiness going on and it just fit the theme.

Please stop by World of My Own to read the other entries and post comments. Enjoy!


Sir Edric to Philippa,

I know this letter will come as a shock to you. I’ve never revealed my feelings; in fact, I’ve purposely concealed them. But I can no longer contain all the things I’ve felt for you. I’ve watched you carefully since we first met. Originally, out of curiosity about the things I’d heard, but then out of a genuine desire to know you better. I only wanted to observe at first. But meer observation no longer satiates me. I know your wanderings and the sway of your hips as you haunt the hallways after dark. I long to know your thoughts and what must haunt you as you walk. I imagine reaching out for you from the shadows and reeling you in to my embrace. The taste of your lips, the feathery softness of your cheek against mine. So many things I wish to say and hear said. I must know your feelings though I expect nothing. Please share your thoughts, I beg of you.




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