>Writers’ Meet & Greet and a New Blog


Happy Friday everyone! I thought I’d use today’s post to mention two new things going on around here. First, I’ve joined the A Life of Crime bloghop hosted over at the Meet & Greet for Writers by Tessa. If you’re a mystery/crime/thriller writer and have a blog, please join us! You can do so by using the tool on the left sidebar or by visiting the main page for the bloghop. If you’re not in that genre, there is a new bloghop added about every week so check back until your genre appears!
Second, I’ve started a side blog called writerly. I’m using it to publish short and random things that don’t really belong here like writing prompts, interesting news items, cool photos, and other blurbs. And I would like to make it interactive. So if you’ve thought up a fun writing prompt, stumbled across an interesting news piece, or have a favorite quote, you can submit it for inclusion on my blog! How cool is that?

What’s new with you?


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