Imogen Interviews Philippa

I’ve posted character interviews before so that’s nothing new. But I thought recently, ‘What if one character interviewed another? That would be interesting!’ So that’s exactly what’s happening today. Imogen Bell, heroine of Dead Locked, traveled back in time over 800 years and across the Atlantic to have a chat with Philippa, heroine of my forthcoming novel, The Jester’s Apprentice. Let’s look in and see what she had to say!

Imogen: This is so exciting! I’m in England! And it’s 1197! What’s that smell?

Philippa: Grazing animals more than likely. You don’t have them in 2011?

Imogen: Somewhere, I’m sure. But not near where I live.

Philippa: How do you survive then?

Imogen: Oh, markets. Packaged meat. That sort of thing.

Philippa: Packaged meat? What’s that?

Imogen: It’s…hey, I’m supposed to interview you!

Philippa: Apologies. Please, ask away.

Imogen: First, what’s your story?

Philippa: Basically, after I’ve remarried a rather mysterious man, a sort of legend (some believe more of a myth) called the Jester reappears causing more rumors than trouble it seems. But when he starts making social calls on me offering insight into my husband’s past, I realize the Jester may be responsible for more than just gossip. And my husband and even my own family may not be quite what I imagined.

Imogen: Sounds exciting! So tell me more about this ‘mysterious man’ you married.

Philippa: I’m not sure what to say without giving away too much. But Edric has his own connection to the Jester and the past and present sort of collide as a result.

Imogen: Hmm…are you noticing a pattern here? I mean, doesn’t my story have a similar ‘past/present collision’ thing?

Philippa: I can’t say. I don’t have access to many books.

Imogen: 1197. Right. Well, anyway, what will you do to celebrate the release of your book? A, uh, feast, banquet, ball?

Philippa: Oh, a feast definitely! I love a good feast. I can smell the roast boar already!

Imogen: Sounds…yummy. To wrap this up, and give a little nod to Monty Python, what’s your favorite color?

Philippa: Purple!

Imogen: Good choice! I won’t eject you from this interview.

Philippa: …

Imogen: And it’s still 1197! OK, then. We’re done here. Next time I’ll bring Bast. He’d love this whole time traveling thing. Except we might need to visit the coast.

Philippa: Of course! We’ll prepare a wonderful feast for you!

Imogen: Great! I think. Well, till next time! Bye everyone!

Philippa: Ciao!

Imogen: ???


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