10 Characters I Wish Would Come to Life


Sometimes I’m reading and just wish certain characters would literally jump off the page and into real life. So today I’m introducing 10 of my favorites in that category. In some cases I’ve cheated and counted a duo as one but that’s because I couldn’t possibly bring one to life without the other.


  1. Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth. This one was a no-brainer and there’s no way I can separate them.
  2. Mary & James from The Agency series. I don’t know that either of them would qualify as being fun to have around, but I love their interaction and you could definitely have an intelligent conversation with both.
  3. John Thornton from North & South. Sorry, Margaret, but I’m only bringing John.
  4. Liza from The Long Masquerade. I adored her and was peeved by how things worked out. So I would bring her here and let her start over!
  5. Inspector Harding & Dinah from The Unfinished Clue. I just loved them both to…death.
  6. Nick Sabine from Moonraker’s Bride. He was just awesome. And hot.
  7. Eol the Dark Elf from The Silmarillion. Yes, I’m a nerd and actually read this book cover to cover. This guy was definitely my favorite. It was either him or the talking sword.
  8. Cecile de Lac from A Poisoned Season. She was just a side character but I liked her better than the main characters. I would take her and probably Jeremy.
  9. Colum Murtagh from the Kathryn Swinbrooke Mysteries. He’s a trained warrior and a bit crazy, but that’s why I love him.
  10. Robin Hood. OK, so he’s not technically a book character in the strictest sense, but I would still magic-wand him to life if possible!


Which characters would you bring to life and why?


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