Fun, Sun, and British Mysteries

It’s Masterpiece Mystery time again! I’m a little late here because it started in June, but I’ve been in la-la-land until yesterday. I’m really looking forward to this summer’s line up and more excited since I’ve been in a British mystery TV mood and have been watching Inspector Lynley and Lewis episodes over the weekend. I think I’m going to have to go old school with my reading once I’ve finished my current list.

As of now, we have three episodes of Zen to watch, based on books by Michael Dibdin, on July 17, 24, and 31. I’m personally excited for this series because it stars Rufus Sewell who I have a soft spot for from his role in Cold Comfort Farm. He tends to play villains so I’m happy to see him in a more heroic role for a change. And the series takes place in Italy.

I’m particularly looking forward to series 4 of Inspector Lewis starting September 4 and running through October 9. I love watching Lewis and Hathaway (and Laurence Fox is married to Billie Piper formerly on Doctor Who thus bringing my obsessions full circle). They make quite the duo. And I always enjoy the storylines…and scenery.

There seems to be a blank for August so we’ll see what happens. For full details and schedules you can visit the Masterpiece Mystery website. There’s nothing like a good mystery – in print or on-screen – in summer!


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