The Jester’s Apprentice Ebook Giveaway & Snippet

Well, we’re just about half-way through this giveaway, and for today we have a simple question and a snippet from my new mystery novel, The Jester’s Apprentice (where you’ll find the answer).

All you have to do is answer the question correctly to win your own ebook copy of The Jester’s Apprentice. After the question/snippet, you’ll find instructions on how to enter! If you’d like to read the first chapter of Jester’s, click here.

First, the question: What is a squire?

Now for the snippet – and the answer:

Like a ghost floating through the halls, Philippa wandered the rooms and out buildings and gardens early in the morning. She smiled to herself, forced to admit not all the memories were worth forgetting. She and Edric had spent hours talking as they ambled around the estate in the time before and after her marriage to Osbert when Edric was only Osbert’s squire, a knight-in-training. Edric’s company had cushioned the realities of her new life. She was sixteen at the time, a sort of gift to Osbert, her father’s old comrade from the crusade. Nearly ten years had passed since then, but it felt much longer.

Servants acknowledged her silently, the previous night’s fire squashing the merry mood of the wedding. She felt their eyes watch her curiously, perhaps imagining what she thought on her last morning there. She felt oddly solemn for a day she never thought would come. She would no longer flit about that manor, overseeing and directing its goings-on. At least, not as personally as only its owner, but no longer its tenant. She hoped the new mistress of Ainsley would leave with happier feelings.

Enter to win your copy by either emailing me at or leave a comment with the following:

  • Your answer
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Your preferred ebook format: Kindle, EPUB, or PDF

Everyone who answers correctly, wins! See you tomorrow!

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