New Website for My Mystery Books

So I spent some time redesigning my website this summer, and launched the finished product earlier this month. It boasts a totally new design that’s both fun and functional and I think expresses my personality and that of my books much better!

Aside from a spiffy cosmetic update, I also added some new content – so there’s more to do and read during your visit. Here are a few of the highlights:

Just for Fun – My behind-the-book features for Dead Locked and The Jester’s Apprentice are now under this umbrella, and I’m thinking of other things to add to this section. Maybe a poll? Photos? We’ll see!

Books Coming Soon – Next to the Books Available Now page, which includes longer book descriptions and links to read the first chapters, is a new page for upcoming books. So now you’ll know the current book isn’t the last! (If you really want to be in-the-know, join my email list for upcoming novels.)

Survey – I now have a short survey for each of my books, which you can access on the survey page (how convenient!). It’s an easy way for you to share your thoughts on Dead Locked and The Jester’s Apprentice without taking a ton of time or energy.

Check out these features and find out what else is new by visiting


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