Romance of the Fall

There’s something truly magical about fall in Massachusetts. I’ve lived here my whole life, experienced all the shifts in seasons, know what to expect from each one, and fall never fails me. No matter how many years pass, October always sweeps me off my feet.

A routine drive turns fairy tale-ish when a tornado of red and gold leaves swirls up and around your car. Surrounded by honey-dipped trees, houses become postcard-worthy representatives of the state.

That’s how I felt last weekend as I drove through a town that has nothing new to offer me on a normal day. But our leaves have just started turning and even though we won’t have the greatest year ever for fall foliage (our weather patterns haven’t been right for that), it’s still breathtaking to me.

I do have a voice in the back of my head whispering that the leaves turning, the cooler days (and nights!), and that piercing blue sky are all signs that things will soon turn cold and possibly white. (My brother-in-law will crow that he can’t wait.)

But for the time being, I live in an enchanted land. I can envision one of my characters zipping along one of the back roads to find a clue…or maybe a body in the woods. Whatever the case, the landscape transforms into a perfect setting. And for once, it’s not just all in my head.

Photo by Tim Sackton

1 thought on “Romance of the Fall

  1. Love Quotes

    “And for once, it’s not just all in my head.”
    Haha, I love Fall too. It truly is a magical time in which the landscape is alive with a painter’s brush.

    I rea;;y enjoyed the post.



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