Feasting on Books

I joined the Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge (hosted by Book Chick City) this year, and while I began with good intentions, things slowly unraveled as I had to focus on other projects. I don’t get to read quite as much as I would like, but it’s also my M.O. to read in spurts. I’m a feast or famine reader.

Right now, I’m in Feast Reading mode. So who knows? I may make the 12 mark for the reading challenge after all. Earlier this year, I read Georgette Heyer’s The Unfinished Clue, Ian Rankin’s Doors Open, Y.S. Lee’s The Agency, and Maureen Ash’s The Alehouse Murders. All of four books. Wow.

But I’m working on it. I finally read The Body in the Tower, the second Agency book by Y.S. Lee, and I’m eager to read the third book next year. (I heart James.) If you like mysteries, the Victorian era, and romance, I highly recommend these novels.

That book started the reading frenzy so I immediately skated into Loose Screw (A Dusty Deals Mystery) by Rae Davies. I’d had my eye on this cozy mystery for a while and it was worth putting at the top of my list. It’s a lighthearted story with a lot of humor and quirky characters – and, of course, a dash of romance.

Then I read Absolute Liability (A Southern Fraud Thriller) by J.W. Becton. I’d describe it as a cozy thriller, if such a category exists. It’s gripping but not too dark or scary. I love the unique angle – Julia Jackson is an insurance fraud investigator for the state. I was in all the way from the first sentence, and I’m anticipating the second book in the series!

So that brings us to my current read: Ms. America and the Offing On Oahu (Ms. America Mysteries, No. 1) by Diana Dempsey, which I’m also loving. If you read ebooks, the last three novels I mentioned are only $.99 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They’re perfect steals!

I’ve still got a month before the challenge is over so we will see if I make it!

2 thoughts on “Feasting on Books

  1. sam

    I can definitely relate. I am a voracious reader and can usually devour a book in a day or two. It isn’t until I have to buckle down to get other things done do I forsake the reader inside me. What is the challenge and how close are you to completing it? If I may recommend a book … I just finished The Kindom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman. It is a physchological thriller with a disturbing topic but so brilliantly crafted that you journey with the characters as one spirals into madness. It left me in a haze it was that intense. lol

    1. amyandthepen Post author

      The challenge is to read 12 (10 may also be okay I think) mystery/suspense books (including the myriads of subcategories) between Jan and Dec 2011. I have around 4.5 books left to read. If I keep cruising at the same pace, I may make it! And thanks for the recommendation! 🙂



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