Why the Manbo Remembered First

So why did Sheriff Manbo – I mean Graham – on ABC’s Once Upon a Time remember his past life as a fairytale character before anyone else? If you’ve followed this series as I have, then you probably have your own ideas about this. This is just my theory, which I felt like posting.

No one believes Henry yet, and I guess it’s hard to blame them. So I had to smile when the Sheriff immediately believes that his dream of being a huntsman in a fairytale world was actually a past life, and then takes after a wolf who appears out of nowhere (what was with the one red eye anyway?).

But my favorite moment of this episode (okay, second favorite, after the steamy final scene between Graham and Emma) is when Graham goes to Henry and innocently asks, “Am I in your story?”

And that is the moment that defines my theory of why he remembered first. I think it has something to do with Graham’s childlike personality. He has an innocence that say, Emma, and even Mary Margaret lack. Maybe it’s because he cried when he killed the deer. Or better yet, when he read Snow White’s letter to the Queen. (By the way, how do we derive “heartless” from a man who cries over a dead deer?)

Or maybe he remembered first because he’s so freaking hot.

In any case, I’m curious to see how the story plays out from here. Until then, you’ll find me looking up The Huntsman in original fairytales to see if he was actually a weeping manbo (or existed at all) or if they just made that up for the benefit of us gals.


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