Crazy Cozy BlogFest!

So what I’m contributing for the Crazy Cozy BlogFest is somewhat real. The characters and setting are part of a new cozy series I’m working on, and this plot may come to fruition at some point too! But it needs more work. 😉

For those of you looking for a new cozy mystery to read, check out Quilt or Innocence by Elizabeth Craig and Azalea Assault by Alyse Carlson, both just released!

Here is the breakdown of my cozy mystery idea:

Protagonist: A freelance writer who turns amateur sleuth after an event that hits close to home. She has the inside story on a lot of the wealthier people in Seaside (my fictional R.I. town), which comes in super handy as a lot of these individuals drop dead over the course of time.

Sidekick: The owner of an event security firm. He’s a former police officer with a meticulous eye and a weakness for puzzles. (And, oh yeah, he has a weakness for my protagonist too.) Conveniently, his BFF is a detective.

Theme: Uh…I’m not much of a theme person so I’d say my theme really revolves around the setting. Death in a vibrant coastal town, that’s my theme.

Victim: A young marina dock hand who is known to be a bit of a ladies’ man. He’s discovered strung up in the rigging of a sailboat, but he was actually stabbed to death.

Suspects: The family that owns the boat has a lot of secrets. The dead patriarch was kind of a controlling jerk and that’s left his wife and kids with some issues. The two daughters have secret love lives: one was involved with the dock hand and had seen him the morning of his death, and the other is secretly dating a guy who maintains boats for a living (and would thus not be approved by her family). The latter daughter originally found the body, but her boyfriend takes care of things, trying to shield her from dealing with it. As it turns out, the dock hand knew about their dating and had a confrontation with her boyfriend. The mother is still letting the dead husband control her life, but found herself attracted to the dock hand (she had no idea her daughter was seeing him).

Killer: I like the mother for this right now. She’s wound tight from her unpleasant marriage and hasn’t been able to let go and is vulnerable. So she becomes infatuated with the wrong guy, learns about his involvement with her own daughter, and snaps and kills him. It’s really not about him in the end, but he’s the poor unfortunate who happened to be there when she lost it.

And that’s all she wrote…for now. Be sure to check out the other participants in this blogfest by clicking here!

10 thoughts on “Crazy Cozy BlogFest!

  1. Jan Morrison

    I like this! I’m writing a mystery series that aren’t cozies but they are set in the seaside of Nova Scotia. My cop gets to move around as she is with the Major Crime Unit in the capital (Halifax) Lots of fun with settings I know…

    1. amyandthepen Post author

      Cool! I have to say that settings are often a huge draw for me. I love reading about new places. And Nova Scotia would definitely be on that list!

  2. fromgwensloft

    I was cracking up at your list of suspects *snort* with the mother and daughters doing, er, I mean having an affair with the exhausted dead guy – he must have been exhausted, lol! Thanks for the laugh:)

    1. Elizabeth Spann Craig

      You know–this would make a great cozy! The freelance writer gives the sleuth a license to snoop, the sidekick has police perfect is that? The beach setting is always popular. Deadly Mama is a cool twist. I’m loving it!



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