Let the [Cool Giveaways, Events, and More] Blogger Book Fair Begin!

July BBF button copySo the Blogger Book Fair starts now! All week you can enter giveaways, take advantage of book freebies and discounts, and check out several cool blog events. If you like one or more of these things, or just love discovering new authors and books (about 400 are represented in this year’s fair), head over to the Blogger Book Fair Directory. It’s the quickest route to lists of participating bloggers and authors, giveaways, and events.

As I mentioned last week, I have two mystery authors taking over my blog on Tuesday and Thursday. If you’re a writer (especially in the mystery department), you’ll want to look in on Jade Varden’s post about getting new ideas on Tuesday. She has some unique suggestions I think you’ll find helpful! Then Thursday there’s an interview with western historical mystery author Meg Mims, including an excerpt from her new book!

Today, I answer three questions on Meg Mims’ blog, plus you can read an excerpt from Auf’d.

Later this week, you’ll get a chance to win an ebook copy of Auf’d! And all of my books are at least half off right now at Smashwords. (Check the sidebar for direct links.)

So remember to check back here tomorrow for Jade Varden’s post, Where Do You Get New Ideas?

Enjoy the fair!

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