Day Trippin’ In Wickford, Rhode Island

Wickford and I go way back. Since I was three, my parents had a boat and every weekend from about April/May until September/October, we lived our lives in Wickford, Rhode Island. We spent more time out on Narragansett Bay than in the town, but we hung out there a lot to, just checking out the shops and buying delectable foodstuffs at the local gourmet shop.

Last week, my sisters and I took advantage of the awesome weather to walk around town and do a little sightseeing. It’s been a while since I did that, and it was nice to revisit some old haunts.

So our day in Wickford started out pretty normal. Then this happened:


It’s Castor and Pollux! The children of Dionysus. At an antique shop. (Sorry, Peter Johnson¬†fangirl moment. Uh, I mean, Percy Jackson.)

Anyway, that shop was home to funky chairs shaped like crabs, weirdo Egyptian statues, and this:


Paint?? Oh, no. It’s corn syrup. In a paint can. Because everyone in the ’50s bought lifetime supplies of corn syrup. (Btw, corn syrup is awesome for waffles, pancakes, and desserts according to the packaging.)

They did have this charming bench, though it’s probably not super comfy.


We finished with the antique shop and across the street was the cutest pig statue ever.


See? Adorable. But too pricey for me. Sorry, piggy. Byyyyeeee.

(Besides, seeing that everyday would only make me want one of those mini pigs more than I already do.)

Before we wrapped up the shopping part of the day, it was necessary to visit this place:


We came here all the time back when they still sold food. I’m still crying that there are no longer scones or coffee here. They had fantastic scones and coffee. (How can they not sell scones and coffee?? I don’t get it.)

Anyway, they still sell lovely kitchen everything.


I had a fantastic blonde moment while buying three place mats with cute circus designs. The super nice sales lady asked if I had “three little ones.” While digging out my wallet without spilling out a month’s worth of receipts, I’m like “Oh, yeah!” Then it hit me she meant kids. So I accidentally told someone I have three kids when I don’t even have one. Whoops! I know my memory is bad, but honestly…

After all that buying and lying about having three kids, we needed coffee:


They didn’t appear to have scones, but they do have delicious Snickerdoodle iced coffee. And it made for a good spot to chill out for a few minutes. That’s my oldest sister, by the way.

But the day was not over yet. We left Wickford and drove down to Jamestown and out to Beavertail, which is a great place to gaze out at the ocean.


(It’s Kyle!)

And on one side of Beavertail you can see across to Newport! (Hi, Bels!)


So I was waving to my fictional characters over in Portside (aka Newport) when this interloper came along and sat her red behind next to me.


(#how dare you)

While I sat and enjoyed the breeze, my sister continued her photo adventures with Coco the sock monkey.


(She’s a pro photographer so this is totally normal behavior.)

Meanwhile, I learned that seagulls don’t ALWAYS hate each other’s guts and act like big bullies.


(#BFF feels)

And this pretty much sums up my feelings on the whole experience:


(That’s my other older sister.)

So our perfect day in Wickford and Jamestown wrapped up just how it should have. With dessert. J/K. It ended with a lovely sunset over the water. And THEN we had dessert.


(That’s the Jamestown Bridge in the background.)

And that was that. So now after reliving all that fun and stuff, I’m off to vacuum…


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