Newport After Dark

An impromptu beach day always starts with a Dunkin’ Donuts stop and a market jammed with a hundred people in line buying $3,000 worth of food a piece. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the people at that market were buying WAY too much food. Unless they were feeding a small country. Even then I’m not sure.

So fast-forward through an hour and a half drive down to Middletown, RI, a few hours of reading the Sea of Monsters graphic novel and putting up with seaweed-infested water, and a workout walking the length of the beach to this:


I need to work on my sunset picture-taking skills. Anyway, after a crucial debate in a parking lot about what to eat, we wound up at my favorite Newport spot, the Red Parrot. You can tell this is last call for vacations for a lot of people because the place was crazy for a Tuesday at 9pm.

While we waited for much-needed sustenance, we entertained ourselves taking photos out the window and watching two groups of weirdo women taking photos with the police cars outside.


Then my oldest sister took a shot from her vantage point and my camera went shotgun and took six identical pix in a row of this:


It’s a nice shot, but still. I really didn’t need six of them. But now I know if I hold the “button” on my phone it goes ape nuts and clones photos. Nifty.

We just missed the awesome gelato place (*frowny face*), but after getting fudge and watching my bro-in-law try on an apron, my sisters and I felt like copying those weirdo women from earlier. So we made the men in our party strike a misdemeanor. Turns out my oldest sister’s husband is HARD. CORE.


(I have a new app, okay?)

Then things got boring since we were leaving and all, but I did attempt one more shot of the Newport Bridge as we drove across.


They don’t build them like this anymore. Shame.

Summer feels like it’s slipping away, but it’s not quite over yet, folks. There’s still time for more adventures!


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