10 Things I’ve Learned About Writing a Novel in a Month


Writing a book in a month is like a crush and a high-speed car chase with a Fast & Furious-worthy explosion at the end – on drugs.

After a much-needed break this summer doing some fun things (including popping around Portside, er, Newport) and working on a side project, I start drafting book three of The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Drive-Bye, today!

I draft my books in a month. I don’t know why, but I’ve found it works best for me. And these are ten things I’ve learned about this crazy awesome way of writing a book.

1. Get excited.

Writing is fun!

Books are fun!

Writing a book in a month is fun!!!

2. Get ahead.

Make good on the first week because it’s always the easiest.

Write more on the days when you can and/or you’re on a roll.

Always aim for a few words more than you actually need.

3. Get chill.

What if something happens?!?

And something always happens!!!

Relax. Refer to #2. And just do what you can.

4. Get disciplined.

Stick to your schedule and daily word count goals.

On one of those days where the minimum is hard to reach, dig in your heels and push until you’ve exceeded it.

Whine and cry and stamp your feet, but make your word count goal!

5. Get balanced.

Writing is good.

Writing too much is not good.

Avoid word-comas by pacing yourself.

6. Get moving.


Move around.

Leave the house.

Outside stimuli keeps things fresh and keeps you refreshed.

7. Get help.

Use writing prompts at least once a week to add flavor and life to your book. And to your motivation.

Do a prompt with a friend to get out of your own head.

8. Get musing.


Yeah, we knew this would happen at some point.

Muse on the problem right before you go to sleep, while you do dishes, buy groceries, and pump gas. What’s next will come to you.

It will.


But this doesn’t mean you stop writing.


Good try.

But nope.

9. Get stubborn.

Writing is fun, you said. We’ll have a blast, you said.

Days will come when you hate this idea with a passion.

Channel that passion into your writing.

10. Get proud.

Writing a novel isn’t easy.

Finishing a novel isn’t easy.

Every day you move closer to your goal is an accomplishment. Enjoy it.


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