Snowed In

My first reaction when I hear we’re having a major snowstorm goes something like 100_0724“NOOOOO!!!” The world is ending. All my dreams are dead. I’ll never get to leave the house again. (I can be melodramatic like that.) After getting that out of my system, I usually conclude this is the perfect opportunity for a mini vacation. But that doesn’t happen by magic. Some preparation goes a long way.

The Essentials
If you’re going to be trapped at home, then you need something tasty and something entertaining. For this past weekend’s official intro to winter (our first real storm of the year in Mass.), I went simple with homemade pizza and a dessert (which doubled as breakfast). For entertainment, I wanted to hole up with all fifty hours of the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition. (I’m kidding about the fifty hours…sort of.) But playing cards, board games, and catching up on reading can all keep the time moving.

For the pizza, I made the dough (a Pioneer Woman recipe) in advance so it would be ready by Saturday night. While store bought dough works, making your own isn’t difficult, and there’s nothing like the taste of fresh dough. For toppings, I grabbed Pastene pizza sauce (Cento is good too), bulk Italian sweet sausage (just peel off the casings if you can’t buy it bulk), turkey pepperoni, and a package of shredded Italian cheese mix. Simple and delicious! The perfect thing for a snowy evening.

I love to bake, so part of my fun Saturday afternoon was making this New York-Style Pumpkin Crumb Cake I found on Pinterest. Crumb cake and I have a long, loving relationship. My mom always made it for breakfast in the winter. This crumb cake was a bit like pumpkin pie with a melt-in-your-mouth sugary topping. It won my heart on contact.

Planning to do and eat things you love makes a snowstorm seem like an opportunity instead of an annoyance. Who knew?


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