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>Word Paint Blogfest!

>Today, I’m taking part in the Word Paint blogfest hosted by Dawn Embers. For my entry, I’ve snatched a passage from Dead Locked and improved it. Hope you enjoy reading it, and please visit Dawn’s blog to read more entries!

Happy Friday!


The flowering trees planted every few feet offered welcome shade as she strolled towards the center of town. She admired the pink, yellow, and blue colonial town houses embellished with lions’ head door knockers. Imogen imagined captains’ wives and merchants stepping out onto the dirt road to go to church or down the street to visit a friend. She thought of ladies climbing out of carriages in their silk dresses and men strutting around in wool waistcoats and breeches. She imagined Isaac Crewe wandering through town, maybe to visit Georgiana for tea. She smiled to herself as she squeezed the brass handle of the coffee shop door, sweeping into the converted colonial. Things really hadn’t changed so much. Instead of tea, she opted for an iced latte. But the principle was the same.

Inside, she ordered and stepped back from the white counter, ogling the brimming trays of scones and muffins out of reach inside a glass case. The plank floor squeaked as Imogen picked up her latte and waltzed over to one of the window nooks, relaxing into a wicker chair. The afternoon sun streamed over her hair, golden highlights peeking between auburn strands. She took a long sip of her coffee, relishing the chill that shot through her. Any other time she would have lost herself watching the queue of cars cruise into downtown and the friends chatting and carrying white shopping bags with pink ribbon handles. Imogen sighed. Too many other images pressed on her mind to let it wander.

Imogen abandoned her watching post and passed the cars and shoppers on her way back home. When she returned to her cottage, Sebastian sat on her stoop, his left eye red and bulging. Imogen expected him to fall off the radar for a while, and felt a surge of joy that he had come to her instead. She waved him inside to the kitchen to examine his eye, then wrapped ice cubes in a towel. She brushed his dark chestnut hair out of the way, stuck to his forehead with sweat, her index finger grazing his hot skin. She pressed the towel onto his eye while he leaned against the kitchen counter, not saying a word.

>New Blogfests!

>I’m participating in three exciting blogfests over the next few weeks. Join in the writing mania if you haven’t already!

Also, feel free to mention any blogfests you’ve joined that are upcoming. Let it begin!

>Breaking the Rules Blogfest!

>This is my brave post for the Breaking the Rules blogfest happening thanks to Elizabeth Mueller. She challenged us to post first drafts and older pieces that break all the writing rules we’ve learned and cherish.

My contribution is a short short story (the torture won’t last long!) I wrote when I was about 16. I was so proud of it then! Now…well, I learned something from writing it I’m sure.


Reaching for Eternity

Her eyes were glazed over with fear, and a frightened expression dominated her face. No one was watching; no one knew. There were no voices to plea with her; no one to stop her. And yet she could not quite reach the pills. She could see them laying there with a glass of water on the nightstand next to her clock. This was her chance. Yet she could not quite reach the pills.

She thought she had figured everything out. She knew she didn’t have the guts to pull a trigger – she’d never once in her life touched a gun. There had been no easy answer until she’d found the pills. The pills were her answer. At least she had thought so. It wasn’t as easy to take them as she had thought it would be. There were too many thoughts surrounding those pills. What would happen to her family? She could just see her mother going into hysterics when they found her. That made her worry. Would Mom recover? Then her dad. She knew very well that he would never mention her name again, that all pictures of her would disappear, and her room would be left exactly as it was, and locked permanently. Then her sister, Allie, came to mind. She prayed Allie would not find her. It could destroy her life. After all, Allie was only seven. She could suffer horrible emotional damage. She thought about who she wanted to find her. No one in her family, and none of her friends. So who was left? An anonymous policeman who’d never met her, who could forget her easily. But that was asking the impossible.

She looked at the ticking clock. Time was wasting. Trembling fingers picked up a pill. She studied it carefully, and then the clock. Reaching for the glass, she hesitated, and set the pill back down. She breathed deeply, knowing her chance was slipping away. She tried for the pill again, and instead punched her fist into the mattress. Why couldn’t she just pick it up? She had been waiting for the right time, and it had come. Why was she fumbling around?

The hour change, and she knew she either had to act, or give up. Leaning on her side the pills were so near. There was no one to stop her. “Nothing’s preventing you. Do it!” her thoughts repeated. And yet she couldn’t reach them.

Soon a car drove into the garage. In her dimly lit room, she knew what was hers to do. She gave another glance over at the pills that were so out of reach, and walked downstairs.

“Hi honey.” Her parents walked in. She closed her eyes momentarily, and caught her breath.

“Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you…”

>Character Interviews & Death Scenes

>Are you a writer? Do you like working on character development? Or, maybe, you prefer plotting how to kill off characters instead? I’ve found two blogfests that may suit your fancy.

Character Interview Blogfest
Host: Echoes of a Wayward Mind
When: June 15, 2010
What: Post an interview with one of your characters in 500-700 words.

The Blogfest of Death
Host: Tessa’s Blurb
When: July 18, 2010
What: Write a death scene in 1,000 words or less.

Sound like fun? Thought so. Now to figure out who I can kill….