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Drive-Bye Cover Reveal + Book Sale!

Book three of The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Drive-Bye, hits virtual shelves in a couple weeks! In anticipation of the release, here’s a first look at the cover.



More details and release info to come in the next couple weeks!

As a nifty prelude to the release of Drive-Bye, all of my books are 50% off until March 8 at Smashwords for Read an Ebook Week. If you’re new to The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, or need to catch up, this is a good time to dive in. Click on the links below for descriptions and purchase info.

The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries

Standalone Mysteries

Happy reading!

Arresting Book Covers

There’s little doubt how important an eye-catching book cover is to selling books. I can’t even imagine how many novels I picked up (or clicked on) just based on the cover. Even if it turned out to be a bust, that book got a chance that many others missed. So today’s post is a showcase of some covers I love. I wouldn’t read all of these but I have to hand it to the cover artists. Without their hard work and innovation, readers might never pick them up.



What are some of your favorite covers? What books have you looked at or read based on the cover art?

>Dead Locked Cover!

>So today instead of talking so much, I thought I’d just post my finished book cover for Dead Locked! It’s taken a few weeks, several fonts, and some helpful feedback from my friends, but I feel it’s ready to roll.

The cover makes the whole process a tiny bit more real somehow. Now to finish my book trailer!