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>Weekend Writing Prompt

This isn’t so much of a writing prompt as it is something to think about. If you have a few minutes today, think about what your character(s) like to eat. What do they crave when they want comfort food? What do they grab out of the fridge or pantry to munch on in the afternoon? What type of dessert do they always choose at restaurants? It’s these little details that often help to define real people, and it works for characters too.

>Writing Prompt: Train Wreck

I cross a lot of train tracks where I live, but most aren’t used during the day so I sail over them without stopping. Sometimes when I’m crossing a track I think, “what if I get hit by a train this time?” That gave me the idea for this prompt.

Your character crosses the same train tracks without thinking every day for work. Today is different. Today he gets hit by a train. What was he thinking about up until that point? What had his day been like so far? Was he in a hurry? Write a short story based on this concept in 500-1000 words.