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>A Surprise in the Mist Writing Prompt

>This seems like an odd photo to post on such a sunny day, but I love the mood of it!

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of this foggy lake. You think you see something moving in the mist beyond the bend. Are your eyes playing tricks on you? You squint and see someone – or something – you never expected to find there. Who – or what- is it?

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>The Story Finds Her Writing Prompt

>This prompt draws on something all of us are looking for: ideas. It’s pretty simple:

A writer heads into more exciting territory (a city for instance) looking for a story. But the story finds her instead.

I think the ‘story finds her’ concept could take on new meaning. Use your imagination and go for it!

>Icicles of Death Writing Prompt

>So this writing prompt is inspired by the HUGE icicles decorating my house right now (they’re finally starting to melt but it’s going to take a while). As a mystery writer, sharp objects always get me thinking, ‘How could I use this in a story?’ Take a look at this photo and then read on below:

How would you use ginormous icicles in a story? As a weapon? A convenient accident? Or, if you’re more normal than me, maybe something completely unrelated to someone getting killed or hurt. Regardless, write a scene where icicles play a role – either as a stand alone exercise or as a way to spice up a WIP. Have fun!

>Create a Scene

>Grand Central Station in New York City. It’s beautiful, bustling, and a good spot for something exciting to happen. If you need a jump start for your writing this week, take a cue from this photo. Pick someone out of the crowd (or more than one person) and write a scene. What is the person saying or doing? Why is he there?

If you’d like to share what you’ve come up with for this prompt, post it on your blog or website and link to it in a comment. Have fun!

Photo by Max HUSSON

>Writing Jump Start

>To start off the week, I have two writing prompts: one for starting a new idea and one for those of you in the middle of a project.

1. A woman moves into a new home and stumbles upon a secret tunnel.
2. Take your newest scene (or pick one randomly) and add one surprising complication. Pick anything: a car wreck, a mugging, a marriage proposal. Even if the idea sounds silly, put it in there and see what happens.

>Weekend Writing Prompt

This isn’t so much of a writing prompt as it is something to think about. If you have a few minutes today, think about what your character(s) like to eat. What do they crave when they want comfort food? What do they grab out of the fridge or pantry to munch on in the afternoon? What type of dessert do they always choose at restaurants? It’s these little details that often help to define real people, and it works for characters too.