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Fun Food Truck Friday! (Attract With Cuteness)

From everything I’ve seen on shows like Cupcake Wars and Food Network Star, vegan can be a tough sell. ┬áSo I think this adorable vegan food truck totally nails it. It would be hard not to check them out just because!

Fun Food Truck Friday! (Caffeine Fix)

According to my sister, I’m a “beverage collector.” Whenever we go out, I come home on average with two drink containers. One always holds coffee.

Coffee + food truck = brilliant.

How awesome would it be to have one of these roaming the neighborhood?

Boomers Food Truck Meetup, a photo by beleaveme on Flickr

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Fun Food Truck Friday

So I’m going for something a little different and doing a fun Friday post. And what is more fun than cool and cute and awesomesauce food trucks? So I’m hunting down pix of the most fun food trucks I can find. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

Let’s start with this adorable ice cream truck! Aww…I just want to give it a hug.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck by veejaye
Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck, a photo by veejaye on Flickr.

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