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Fun Food Truck Friday! (Attract With Cuteness)

From everything I’ve seen on shows like Cupcake Wars and Food Network Star, vegan can be a tough sell. ┬áSo I think this adorable vegan food truck totally nails it. It would be hard not to check them out just because!

Fun Food Truck Friday!

I screamed when I saw this.

Not only is this a tricked out food truck Airstream, but it’s a CUPCAKE AIRSTREAM. How much squeeing is my girl Bels doing right now? A LOT.

And I daresay it’s giving her ideas about leveling up her truck, because it’s sure giving me some.

So before I leave you to ogle this beautiful hunk of aluminum, I have to give a shout out to my Expert Airstream Driver sister, who requested I post a food truck Airstream this week.

Behold the power of cute…

Texas Cupcakes by margotwood on Flickr

Texas Cupcakes, a photo by margotwood on Flickr

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