>Music as Writing Inspiration

>Like a lot of writers, music plays a large role in helping me develop my story ideas. Music sometimes inspires characters and situations and plots as well as keeping momentum on ideas already in progress. Certain songs just resonate with certain ideas and I can’t tear them apart. Nor would I want to. The music drives me on even when I want to hurl my laptop out of the window. So as a way of introducing my novel-in-progress, I’ve added the top songs to my playlist that influenced the development of my main character, Imogen Bell, and kept me excited to keep going over the last year.

Imogen is a bit spunky, a bit feisty, upbeat and energetic, and a little idealistic – all qualities reflected in these songs. Listening to them and picturing Imogen helped me solidify her personality, and each one represents a different stage of her development. “The Only Difference Between” by Panic! At the Disco was especially influential at the beginning. I was still trying to figure out who Imogen was and this song just clicked with her. I’d listen to it over and over while I walked, working out ideas in my head. Now these songs are forever associated with my good friend, Immie.

Take a listen and stay tuned for more about Imogen Bell and other cast members from my upcoming novel.



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