>Tips to Find Books You’ll Love

>It’s hard to know if you’ll love a book when you take one home from the store or library. Sometimes we don’t think we’ll like it, and have the reverse reaction. Other times, we’re all excited, only to feel disappointed when we’ve finished reading. There are no guarantees, but you can pinpoint books that have definite “I loved it!” potential. Here are some tips to find them.

Figure out your favorite genres. We don’t always realize what we like until we analyze our choices. Think about what section of the bookstore or library you always gravitate toward. What books do you leave with? It took me a while to realize I always left with mysteries, especially of the historical kind. Once I figured that out, it was much easier to find books I’d probably love.

Search for your favorite authors and see who they’re associated with. Like attracts like. Often by looking up one author, you’ll stumble across other authors who write similar books. It may be a link on a website or blog roll, or a list of other authors who attended the same conference.

Read blogs, websites, and groups that review and recommend books in your genres. Many readers review books, and many blogs and websites are focused on a specific genre like historical-fiction or chick lit. Joining groups at places like Goodreads may also link you to good recommendations.

Check out recommendations from online bookstores. Most online bookstores recommend books they think you’ll like based on what you’ve bought or searched for in the past. These suggestions aren’t always on point, but I have stumbled across good ones this way. It’s only a click of the mouse, so what’s the hurt in trying?

How have you found some of your favorite books?


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