Smashwords Ebooks Soon on Blio & Available to Public Libraries

Well, this is the news I’ve been waiting for! Smashwords, which I use to distribute all of my ebooks, just announced a partnership with Baker-Taylor. Who are they? After reading the announcement, I discovered that this means two exciting things:

1. My cozy mystery books will soon be available through Blio, an online store and popular e-reading app for computers and other devices.

2. (This is the part that made me squee.) Axis360, which distributes to public libraries, will also carry my ebooks! I love that libraries now lend ebooks so having the chance to be a part of that on some level is pretty exciting.

If you’re curious about the details, you can get the full story on the Smashwords blog.

On a related note, the annual Read an Ebook Week promotion starts tomorrow on Smashwords. To celebrate, I’m giving away ebook copies of my medieval mystery novel, The Jester’s Apprentice, for the entire week! Check back here tomorrow for details!


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