>Animals (and Writers) at Play

>I did this interesting writing exercise a while back from Josip Novakovich’s Fiction Writer’s Workshop. He asks you to write one paragraph, throwing a few animals together into a scene involving an odd action. I don’t usually focus on animals in my writing so it was a bit challenging. This is what I came up with:

The wolf corpse sagged across the fence, its head lolling to one side. Flies covered its body and scavengers had torn away chunks of its flesh. The cats made a game of taunting it. One would tap its nose and dart back but once they were sure of its death, they struck at its nose and paws, slicing and gashing in turn.

Practice your craft and try this exercise for yourself in the next few days. What interesting paragraphs have you written from writing exercises or prompts? Email me with one and I may include it in a future entry.

Happy writing!


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